Hurrah for apéros

One of the many things I love about France is the ritual of apéros. Meeting for drinks clearly occurs the world over but I think that there’s something special about a French apéro invite and its clearly defined expectations. It fits neatly before lunch or dinner defining a reasonable time limit that only the insensitive or, dare I say, non-French would misconstrue or overstay.

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Parlez-vous français ? Some tips on learning French

Whenever I train people who have just arrived in France my first question is always, "Do you speak French?" because knowing the language, even if not fluently, is really the key to feeling comfortable in France. When you know the language you can find out about where you are by reading local newspapers and other information. You can ask for things… and understand the answers! More importantly, language is a way to see with the eyes of others. When we start to understand the language, we start to understand the ways of thinking. In the words of Federico Fellini "Language is a different vision of life".

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