Libby has created limited edition reproductions of some of the paintings from her last exhibition Transitions. Only 20 prints from each painting are made and each one hand signed by the artist. They will be available from 8th January but do join Libby along with Angela Saunders at Inspiré Azille for a glass of bubbly on Saturday 13th January for the launch.

A new range of beautiful cushions and her annual calendar will also be available and a percentage of the proceeds go to the Canal du Midi’s replantation project. Come and see the continuing adventure at Galerie Inspiré in Azille (Aude).


Angela Saunders: We are delighted to welcome you back to Inspire for your fifth exhibition with us. After your recent move to Berlin, what will your followers be treated to in this new body of work?

Libby Page: It is a pleasure to be back, thank you! This year’s show is quite diverse. Some of my paintings continue to document the changes along the Canal du Midi. We have little baby trees now! I’ve also made vineyards, panoramic French landscapes and you will see my first experiments with the beautiful forests surrounding Berlin too.


How does the Canal du Midi still play a part in your recent work? And does it continue to hold a special place in your heart?

Ok, slightly embarrassing but true; during the cold (-11°C this year) winter in Berlin you could often find me sitting in my studio with my back against the radiator scrolling through pictures of the canal and remembering my time there! The canal and its trees are like an old friend to me. Even though I’ve only known it for seven years, it has managed to get under my skin somehow.


How important is your relationship with the VNF (Voies Navigables de France)?

It has been so good to get to know a few people from the group raising awareness and funds for the replantation project. They are a great team and it has been fun working together for this year’s calendar. They have used my work to promote a group show of seven artists whose work features the canal and also for their annual greetings card for their clients. I suppose we both have the same love for this waterway so it is natural that we work together and I am happy to have the opportunity to do my little bit to support the project.


And your move to Berlin, would you say that it has already influenced your work? In what ways? And is it still important for you to exhibit in the Languedoc?

I think the change has and will continue to influence my work but it is too soon for me to really be able to tell how yet. For my Canal work I have to close my eyes and focus hard to remember the colour of the sky and the warmth of the sun, how the light affects the shadows and fills up the air near the Mediterranean. Here the palette is very different, cooler with a more subtle beauty. I’m walking in the forests surrounding Berlin whenever I can and just letting various new ideas come without pinning them down too much at the moment. I am still committed to the Canal slow- documentary project and enjoy coming down to France to visit, so yes, I would love to continue exhibiting in the region! I am nervous and curious to know what your clients will think of my German trees though.


In the last show at Inspire in 2016 your works used a variety of brighter, bolder colours than some previous years. You talked about their significance to you personally: are all of your works personally significant in some way?

Yes, well, some more than others. However, I want them to work on many levels, it is not important to me that what motivates me to choose certain colours is not clear to the viewer, that is my little secret code for me. I just hope that in the end there is a harmonious painting for someone to enjoy. Going back to your previous question, in the grey city making these colourful paintings seems to take on a greater importance somehow. I still don’t know what will develop but I am aware that I stand out like a sore, or very bright, thumb in Berlin, and I don’t mind that at all! People who see my work here seem to be transported when they look at it, like a moment of vacation, I like that.


We can see in this show another new direction towards home furnishings too, do you plan further Libby Page Goodies?

Oh yes, the cushions! Once I got the sample through I couldn’t resist making them and I like the fact that you can sit on a painting; stops art being so aloof as it can sometimes seem. Lots of people have asked me to make silk scarves so I am investigating that, plus some other projects, but I am sworn to secrecy! You will have to wait until next year to find out.


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