When does a place feel like home? When you know the people and faces; when you can navigate the roads without thinking about the route; when you layer memories in it with family and friends? For me, it’s all the little things. Landing back in Béziers and feeling an overwhelming sense of familiarity, giving a bonjour back to local faces around town, spending holidays and down time exploring nearby places.

Now, it’s wintertime again. My second in the Languedoc, in our slowly renovated apartment, dodging the rain in the pretty streets, marvelling at the vivid blue skies. I have no idea where the seasons have gone since our first day in this completely new town, but they’ve slowly added up so that now, I can’t imagine being anywhere else but here. That’s a pretty nice feeling.

Over the last few months, in between dusty renovation weekends, I’ve been working on my new blog and online travel guide (being married to a web developer has its advantages, that’s for sure!). Since being in France, I’ve so wanted a corner of the web to write on, display my snapshots, have fun and expand with. Now it’s finally live. I hope it will grow and ebb and flow as I do in my new life here, providing readers and visitors with helpful information and playful musings from a newbie in the south of France.

There is so much content online these days that sometimes, instead of being helpful, it can confuse an opinion even more. A personal recommendation can mean so much; there is a real comfort in knowing someone has experienced something positively enough to recommend it, I think. This is what those looking for regional recommendations will hopefully find on Lost in the Languedoc in time; real, honest, simplified thoughts.


As a freelance writer and content creator, I spend my working day — though really as a freelancer there is no such thing! — writing stories, researching, editing, proofing content. I work with clients on website SEO copy, travel and lifestyle pieces, social media management and more. So, if you are a company or brand reading this and after something similar, don’t hesitative to get in touch, it would be a pleasure to work with you.