Larzac & Loddon is a new line of designer scarves made from 100% pure silk, based on the oil paintings of artist Frances Macve. You may remember her painting of a European roller bird on the cover of last year’s Christmas issue. Frances came to France to paint in 1987, having previously worked in the wine industry in central London.

"This was an area I already knew well, I was very keen to devote more time to my paintings and it seemed to make more sense to be here where the light is so wonderful and the property more accessible. I could at last have a place to live AND a studio. After several years I met my husband and together we built a house at the foot of the Larzac plateau, were we live with our two girls."


"I taught myself to paint for the most part, but in 2000 was lucky enough to spend 3 months living and working with the French Artist Patrick Betaudier at his studio in Montflanquin, Lot et Garonne. It was here I discovered the Van Eyck technique, an incredibly laborious technique by which one mixes the colours, not on the palette but on the canvas, building up the shadows and nuances layer by layer, colour by colour, literally trapping the light within. This works terribly well with the scarves as no colour is flat, a blue shade will most likely have some underpainting of umber, red or gold, a red may have green, turquoise or orange, which, combined with the fact that silk is such a light material, makes for wonderful movement and tones in the scarves."


"The world we live in is changing rapidly. Not only are things changing politically but our lifestyles are changing. Oil paintings used to be the only way to capture a moment or likeness, long before photographs, video and social media. Antiques have, for many, become obsolete as our buying habits and tastes become increasingly transitory. Many adults now do not think twice about buying a 'painting' or poster from say, Ikea, knowing they can change it in a few years. Buying an oil painting demands much more commitment and funds. I felt the need to present my work in a less formal way. One which would be accessible to more people and less intimidating to purchase. I am thrilled with these beautiful scarves, which reflect the incredible colours of the region as well as its birds."


"It is a privilege to create something which helps make women of all ages feel more beautiful, which makes them smile at themselves in the mirror and hold their heads up high."


Frances’s scarves can be found at www.larzac-loddon.com