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Patrick Hurley

Patrick HurleyAfter a career teaching English as a Foreign Language in Spain, South America, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and England, Patrick Hurley moved to the South of France. He spends his time in the Tarn and in Nîmes where he’s involved in the annual festival of British cinema. His hobbies include gardening, swimming, walking, cycling, reading and following the Nîmes Croco (football team). "You get a great sense of space in a half empty stadium," he argues.

Rosemary George

Rosemary GeorgeRosemary George was lured into the wine trade by a glass of the Wine Society’s champagne at a job interview and subsequently became one of the first women to become a Master of Wine, back in 1979. She has been a freelance wine , including French Country Wine which first writer since 1981 and is the author of twelve books, including French Country Wine which first took her to the south of France. Back in the mid-1980s, she realised that this was a region of enormous potential and consequently went on to write The Wines of the South of France. This was the beginning of her enthusiasm for the Languedoc, which she has followed up most recently with The wines of Faugères. She now has a home in the Languedoc and writes a blog on the region: She contributes to various magazines such as Decanter, India Sommelier and She is currently President of the Circle of Wine Writers.

Alec Fullerton

Alec FullertonAlec Fullerton is in his third year of studying French at Trinity College, Oxford. He decided to focus on French after taking part in a school exchange with a high school in southwest France. He is an aspiring journalist and has written for newspapers and online publications in Britain, including The Spectator and Spiked-Online. This year he will be living in Nîmes and working as an English language teaching assistant in a lycée as well as exploring France and sampling as much of the local food and wine as possible.

Andrée Avogadri

Andrée AvogadriAndrée Avogadri was born in the French Alps. She started her adult life in Belfast and London before coming back to France. She fell in love with the Montpellier region where she decided to settle. She currently works as a communication consultant. She completed a master degree in corporate communications from the French Sorbonne and worked for 25 years with advertising agencies, private companies and public establishments. She is the mother of a 15 year old girl whom inspired her first children stories on the vegetables and fruits of the region.

Carol Seaforth

Carol SeaforthCarol Seaforth retired to the Gard and lived there for over ten years. In her previous life she had a career in publishing followed by an eclectic private practice working with clients suffering from various forms of addiction; victims of domestic violence and marriage guidance. She was a magistrate and town councillor. She returned to the UK in 2014. Presently she manages a team of volunteers for the local Tourist Information Centre and is herself a volunteer for Oxfam. She is a Trustee for a local historical building and still indulges in her favourite hobby of singing jazz and blues wherever and when ever she is invited to perform.

Paulina Chudzik

Paulina ChudzikPaulina Chudzik is a food-photo- travel addict, originally from Poland but currently working and enjoying life in the South of France. In 2014 she spent six months in Montpellier as an Erasmus student which made her want to travel even more.

During her studies she has been working in branding and human resources, but after completing her master degree in International Business she decided to come back to France. She now works in marketing at Cook’n with Class Paris and Uzès. You can follow her adventures and photography on her blog