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Metrice Harris-Weedman

Metrice Harris WeedmanCounseling Psychology M.A.
Clinical Psychology PsyM
Education & Social Justice
Doctoral Candidate.

When I’m not managing our small family enterprise (aka stay at home family anchor), I enjoy furthering my education and causes I hold near and dear. Currently, I am involved in Study Abroad research for underrepresented students. My family and I have lived (off and on) in the Montpellier region for over 13 years.

Alexander Nicholson

Alexander Nicholson Alexander Nicholson lived in France for eight years, but now lives in England where he studies at the Anglo European School in Ingatestone, which specialises in languages and enables students to travel to foreign countries. That’s how he went to France for a work experience at Cinema Pandora in Avignon. Pandora shows films in their original version with subtitles so as to attract both francophones and anglophones.

Richard Simpson-Birks

Richard Simpson BirksRichard Simpson-Birks has been visiting the Clermont l’Hérault area for 15 years, and has now been living there permanently for eight years. He shares his French home with his wife, affectionately nicknamed Her effulgent and serene Majesty Queen Barbara the Magnificent. He admits leaving the UK for meteorological reasons (don’t we all?), now enjoying the peace and quiet of his little corner of France.

Victoria Orange-Sibra

Victoria Orange SibraVictoria Orange-Sibra has been working as a consultant and trainer in intercultural interaction and international mobility for the past 16 years. After obtaining an MA in languages, Victoria travelled to develop her language and cultural skills. British-born and residing in France today, she has also lived and worked in the USA, Austria, Russia and Spain. Victoria’s passion for intercultural communication led to her continuing research on the topic. Her first-hand professional experience of people coming to study, live and work in France has further contributed to her deep understanding of the psychological and practical difficulties people encounter when communicating across languages and cultures.

Caren Trafford

caren traffordCaren Trafford began her writing career with the much acclaimed environmental books for children Now she writes for pleasure, weaving articles about her adopted home, La Ciotat on the coast in Provence.Her articles encompass the beauty and subtlety of life in France, seen through the eyes of someone who has lived in Europe, Australia and Asia. Her favourite subjects are the variety and characters of the seasonal village markets and the antique treasure troves she uncovers while guiding clients looking for that something special.

Loren Cowley

loren cowleyLoren Cowley is a Marketing/ PR Consultant who loves creative copywriting and telling a good yarn that sparks curiosity. Born and raised in Australia, before meeting her sublime Frenchman and embarking on a remarkable lifestyle change of living in previously unchartered waters. Now she's blessed to live between Cambridge, Nîmes and occasionally hopping back downunder to see family and friends in Melbourne. She created her first business nearly two years ago, naming it after her grandmother who is an ever illuminating inspiration to her life about the power of genuine storytelling. A good story can capture the emotion of many, leap from the screen and into the heart. So special in today’s sometimes distortion of electronic communication.