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Janice Macdonald

janice macdonaldJanice Macdonald, a free-lance journalist and author, came to France in March 2013 for what she thought would be a three month stay. Three months became a year during which time she realised she was hooked. She now has no intention of ever leaving. She blogs about her experience in France at and, currently, is trying to find an agent for a recently completed novel. Samples of her work can be seen at

Marie-Jacqueline Ballagh

marie jacqueline ballardMarie-Jacqueline Ballagh Neither an ‘ex-pat’ nor completely French - but a bit of both! She has been living in France for longer than she cares to remember and now calls herself a young at heart ‘golden oldie’!

Chris Stow

chris stowChris Stow lives near Uzès where she has just launched a branch of the Red Hat Society, a global group that connects, supports and encourages women in their pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment, and fitness.

Jennifer Karchmer

jennifer karchmerJennifer Karchmer is studying French at the University of Montpellier 3-Paul Valéry. She is a freelance writer, journalist and ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. To learn more about Jennifer, visit her website

Edmond Blanc

edmond blancEdmond Blanc was born in France from Catalan parents. He has been a language teacher in England, the Ivory Coast, and France. His interests range from Naturopathy to Art, from Taoïst exercises to Jazz and Poetry. He’s now working on an anthology of Healing Poems.

Bernice Clark

bernice clarkBernice Clark has owned a home in Languedoc for 15 years, spending her time between here and London. She has worked in marketing and communications for over 35 years – self evidently starting very young, she says!  Her interests are broad and many and fuelled by a curiosity bordering on mild obsession. The varied list includes food, books, history, travel, gardening and sport and she claims never yet to have experienced the feeling of boredom. Clearly, one of the things she loves is France, and especially our region.