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Britta Brand

Britta BrandBritta Brand is a half British - half German jewellery designer — she moved from London to Uzès 16 years ago. She travelled France for years before she decided to trade London’s busy life for a slower and more mindful lifestyle in Uzès. Her children being now older and more independent allow her to indulge in her passion again – working with her hands and making jewellery.

Mary-Catherine Lombard

Mary-Catherine Lombard is an American professional counselor who also teaches English at the University of Montpellier. Her students include both French learning scientific English and Americans studying abroad for credit back home. After spending 20+ years in New Orleans where she directed a non-profit organization, she and her French husband decided to move to the Montpellier area in 2008. Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath became a deciding factor in prompting the family to move to France, as well as their belief that it was also the ideal time for their son to become fully bilingual and reclaim his French roots. She joined AWGLR soon after arriving, and has served as President since 2015.

Marie-France Falk

Marie-France Falk is a retired consular officer from the French Foreign Affairs. After a life spent abroad, mainly in English- speaking countries, she fell in love with her Majesty’s British subject, Victor, when posted to London in the eighties. They married and spent seven years in Hong Kong, before moving back to Ascot, Berkshire. Marie-France studied to get a diploma in translation from the London Institute of Linguists. Lavender, thyme and rosemary were greatly missed by Marie-France, born in Avignon, so they moved to Suze-la-Rousse in 2002. They operate two holiday’s rentals there and live happily.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Andrea Ratuski

andrea ratuskiAndrea Ratuski is a journalist, broadcaster and teacher living in Winnipeg, Canada. A dedicated Francophile, Andrea spends winters in Provence where she can be found roaming the markets of Aix-en- Provence, Carpentras or Pernes-les-Fontaines, meeting some of the most talented producers of provençal food and wine. She enjoys studying with some of the finest local chefs, and cooking up a storm.

Annette Morris

Annette MorrisAnnette Morris moved to France in 2008 and lives in a village not far from Capestang and the Canal du Midi. She is a web developer and digital marketing consultant, sketch tutor, founder of Languedoc Jelly Coworking events and a member of CSF.

Holly Howard

Holly HowardHolly Howard is a freelance writer who has leapt from London with her husband for a life in the Languedoc. She writes about their Béziers adventure — from buying their first home in France to living the local life - along with her love of interior design on her blog ‘Vivre Bohème’. Having grown up on the island of Guernsey, the city life whirled her around in her twenties and now she feels she’s exactly where she’s meant to be; somewhere slower in the beautiful south.