Sur le chemin de R.L. Stevenson Association, 20 years old this year

Sur le chemin de RL Stevenson Association 1The “Sur le chemin de Robert Louis Stevenson” Association will turn 20 in 2014, a great opportunity to celebrate with a special event.

Date: 7-11 November 2014
Places : Florac to St-Jean-du-Gard



Through 20 years of shared friendship and enthusiasm, the association Sur le chemin de R.L. Stevenson has built up its ever-growing network. Over those Events all d20 years we've helped more and more walkers come to know and love the Stevenson trail, France's GR70 (long distance footpath 70). Now it's time to celebrate. This 20th anniversary will be both a festive and a creative event – to meet old and new friends, share experiences, develop wider European cultural perspectives, and discover more of the world of hiking and travelling.

Sur le chemin de RL Stevenson Association 3Friday 7 November 2014, Florac (department of Lozere), France
First and foremost we want the events of this celebration to embody the “spirit of Stevenson”
Friday's programme focuses on the European network "in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson"

Saturday 8 November 2014, Florac
We reflect, together, on the journey so far, and contemplate what lies head
Conference: "The benefits of an active network; why, how, and so what?"
The Walking and Hiking Fair
Exhibitors' stands, presentations, video, exhibitions, walks, activities and workshops – open to all
And we're having a party - just for the joy of being together, celebrating our successes, and gathering our strength to keep moving forward
The Anniversary Ball





Sur le chemin de RL Stevenson Association 2Sunday November 9 2014, Florac
The Walking and Hiking Fair (continues)
Events all day, open to all

Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 November,
From Florac to St-Jean-du-Gard
We're going walking, putting into practice the values of the Council of Europe, and spreading the "spirit of Stevenson", within the framework of the commemorations of the centenary of 1914
Peace March on the Robert Louis Stevenson trail





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Association Sur le chemin de R.L. Stevenson
Le village, 48220 Le Pont-de-Montvert,
+33(0)4 66 45 86 31
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