Ambrussum times, catering to travelers in Roman by Janice Lert

Ambrussum times catering to travelers in RomanIf you are interested in archaeology and/or botany, Ambrussum offers three sites in one: a Gaulish oppidum, a Roman relay station and a botanical trail.
The Gaulish oppidum, or fortified village, was situated on a strategic spot on a hillside overlooking the Vidourle River, near today’s town of Lunel in the Hérault. This river had to be crossed by all the travelers along the 'motorway' of ancient times, the Via Domitia, which was the main road between Italy and Spain, built by the Romans along a pre-existing track.


When the herds go on a summer holiday

When the herds go on a summer holiday 1

A documentary about history and discovery of the Cévennes Filmed by Daniel SEGONDY, a shepherd based in Viols-le-Fort near Montpellier, this documentary recounts the 100 kilometres that separate him and his herd from their home to their summer place in Dargilan in nearby Lozère. Through his adventure, you discover their walk to the mountain and their return at the end of the summer, as well as learn a bit more about pastoral life, the rich cultural history of the region and the local wildlife.


For Christmas cribs: The secrets of Provençal Santons by Janice Lert

the secrets of provencal santons 1Gaspard, Melchior and Balthazar, but also Pistachié, Jourdan and Margarido, — these are just some of their names. They are the little clay figurines that appear in the Provençal manger scenes at Christmas time. This is one of the most charming of Christmas traditions in Provence. The origin of the santons, or 'little saints', may go back to the period of Francis of Assisi, who wanted to bring the Bible and in particular the Christmas message closer to the public by physically representing Bible stories with plays, songs and tableaux, acted out by real actors. These actors were later reproduced in clay. All of the churches in Provence create a Christmas crib which will occupy an important spot in the church for more than a month and follow the story of the nativity: for the birth of Christ, the arrival of the shepherds and the wisemen, new santons will appear one after the other in the crèche. In many cases the parishes have large, old dressed santons handed down for generations. And in every Provençal house, rich or poor, a manger scene will be an important part of Christmas decorations.



Movie magic on the Med by Caren Trafford

Movie magic on the MedFor the lucky inhabitants of La Ciotat, the choices are difficult enough. What should we do first?
Shop for the fresh produce at the twice weekly markets? Walk along the un-ending promenade, admiring the azure blue sea and then a sea-food lunch at one of the dozens of restaurants. A picnic on the sandy beaches? A climb up to explore the calanques, a visit to a 17th century chapel or a stroll through the Botanic Gardens? Or perhaps just a visit to the historic Old Port, and the picture-perfect harbour?


Festive Expectations by Caren Trafford

Festive Expectations 1

“I am now in the land of corn, wine, oil, and sunshine. What more can ask of heaven? If I should happen to die at Paris, I will beg of you to send me here, and have me exposed to the sun. I am sure it will bring me to life again.” Thomas Jefferson


Published at last by Liz Richards-Moir

MEN - the Diaries by Lisa Rhys Martin was finally launched online a few days before Christmas. It took my husband and I a whole week of disagreements, as to the 'how' of completing the task of self publishing my first novel, on Amazon Kindle Bookstore. No mean feat for the 'tekies' we are not!

published at least