The power of make-up is real by Claire Savarino

The power of make up is realI was reading an article the other day that said “France is the global centre of beauty and fashion”. Apparently French people spend more on beauty products per household than other countries in Europe. 61% of the population buy online each month. An average French person spends 2hrs each day on social media. 1.8 billion is spent on make-up per year and they are the world’s number one consumers of premium mascara. Did you know? What a resumé.


Great for me and my online make-up business. However, it made me wonder, why? What makes France different to other European countries? It seems most French women treat their ‘base’ as best they can, they strive to have amazing skin and hair and workout to keep fit and healthly. They can then use good makeup to finish off any look.


As a young woman, I have always worn make-up. I guess I followed in my mother’s shoes (literally) because she’s always worn make-up. In fact, I can’t ever recall seeing her without it. Even when poorly, a light touch of mascara was applied, along with her polished fingers nails. I think I’ve only ever seen her natural nails twice in 57 years.


My Mum’s reaction when popping out for milk, wearing jogging bottoms or without makeup was the same: "you can’t go out like that, you don’t know who you’re going to meet". I’m clearly conditioned to work in this sector.


There is no denying that getting glammed up for a night out makes you feel empowered, uplifts your spirits and validates your look.


Nowadays, make-up is so much more than just getting all dolled up, it can help people with skin problems, as well as burn victims, to feel confident again. Our foundation can even cover up tattoos.Thanks to social media, people are getting more creative with how they use make-up. It can range from a light, day-to- day simple look, a glowing bride or a complex special effect look. The new fashion is contouring, which is the non-surgical way to change the look of your face, refine your nose, thin out your face or highlight your brows. It is very impressive, but takes time to learn.


Whether you are a person who spends one hour applying your make-up in the morning or five minutes, it seems we all feel empowered to take care of our skin, and feel good about ourselves.