A new marine institute at the heart of the Seaquarium by Anne-Fleur Houtsmuller

A new marine institute at the heart of the SeaquariumThe Seaquarium located at Le Grau du Roi has set up a brand-new marine institute, which is dedicated to the conservation of marine species and their environment.


For 20 years now, the Seaquarium has been actively participating in sea conservation and research actions in a perpetual quest to increase knowledge about marine life.To reach this objective, members of the aquarium staff work with several partners, such as the Mediterranean Sea turtle rescue center (CESTMED), Stellaris and IFREMER for sharks and Peau Bleue for sea-horses. Recently, the Seaquarium decided to create a space to share the results of its different actions with the general public, hence the creation of its marine institute. This new organisation will allow for the generation of new research techniques and create awareness thanks to collaboration with other partners such as universities and other businesses working in the field.


The "Institut Marin du Seaquarium" will be happy to welcome you to its new space situated near its entrance. The Mediterranean is only a few metres away, so as a result, the institute benefits from great displays and a rich biodiversity. Here you will be able to get involved and learn about the various different projects and organisations.


Visitors may become members of the institute if they wish, by partaking in the sharing of knowledge and the raising of the general public’s awareness or even setting up new marine protection projects themselves. The "Institut Marin du Seaquarium" will always do its best to provide answers to all enthusiasts.


Besides helping visitors to find information about bony fish, sharks, invertebreates and sea turtles the Seaquarium marine institute can get you involved as a project volunteer. With this aim, institute staff (recently) took part in the Port Camargue boat show and also held a specially themed fish day at the Seaquarium to promote knowledge about sea creatures. Patrick Louisy from Peau Bleue was present for the occasion. Last but not least, the Seaquarium marine institute sponsors the kitesurfer Doris Wetzel’s Wo’mana organisation set up to support her in her attempt to cross the Mediteranean on a kitesurf.


To put it in a "Sea" shell...


The "Institut Marin du Seaquarium" is a place to converse and appreciate the sea whatever your interests may be; social relationships, sports, literature and theatre, arts, scientific research... Everyone will be able to participate through their different spheres of interest and passion.