Mothers in Nîmes by Claire Savarino

mamans a nimes 2Becoming an expat is the beginning of a new adventure, but for many it’s made that little bit more nerve wracking when you are bringing children into the equation. Having hailed from England and Northern Ireland respectively, Claire Savarino and Rachel Pollard decided that the best way to connect with other mothers and assimilate themselves into the French lifestyle was to create a bilingual support network of mothers in their hometown of Nîmes.


"There was a real lack of activities for mothers many of whom stay at home, so many of our members felt isolated before. We wanted to create a community of mothers to share advice, events, and to create memories together in and around our new adopted home", said co- founder Claire Savarino.


A sister group to the Montpellier based Mamans à Montpellier, Mamans à Nîmes has grown organically since April 2017 out of the need to mix and connect with other mothers.


mamans a nimesMeeting frequently for events such as baby swim, picnics, baby pousettes in the park, and even ladies nights out, the group is inclusive of mothers of all ages and occasionally the odd friend of a friend joins in on the action.


The ladies involved in the group have a few recommendations to share if you are new to the area or merely searching for new friends: many of the members are also members of Mamans à Montpellier, LiANU, BritsNîmes and Ladies in Languedoc. Check out their Facebook pages to be made aware of all upcoming events.


"It is a fantastic opportunity for mothers and their children alike to gain exposure to both French and English, to make friends and to create their own events on our Facebook page", said co-Founder Rachel Pollard.



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