Choose your drink

Choose your drinkIt’s 39° in the shade on a Summer’s afternoon and after visiting the sites you make for the nearest café. The waiter appears but what do you order? Here are a few suggestions to quensh that thirst and set you back on the road to recovery.


Coffee and tea

  • UN CAFÉ FRAPPÉ cold coffee (with or without milk) and crushed ice
  • UN THÉ GLACÉ not the iced tea you find in a cannette (can), but cold tea with ice
  • UN EXPRESSO a very small and strong cup of coffee
  • UN CAFÉ ALLONGÉ a small coffee in a large cup with added hot water
  • UN CAPPUCINO a coffee with hot milk froth on top with a dash of cocoa
  • UNE NOISETTE an expresso with a dash of milk.
  • UN DECA NOISETTE a decafeinated with a dash of milk
  • UN CAFE/CHOCOLAT VIENNOIS a large cup of coffee or hot chocolate with whipped cream on top


Alcoholic drinks

  • UN PANACHÉ a lager with lemonade (a shandy)
  • UN TANGO a lager with sirop de grenadine
  • UN MONACO a lager, sirop de grenadine and lemonade
  • UNE PRESSION a lager
  • UN PASTIS aniseed flavour mixed with water (Pernod or 51)
  • UN PERROQUET a pastis with mint sirop
  • UNE TOMATE a pastis and sirop de grenadine
  • UNE MAURESQUE a pastis with sirop d’orgeat (barley water)
  • UN KIR white wine with crème de cassis (blackcurrant liquor)
  • UN KIR ROYAL champagne with crème de cassis
  • UN CRÈME/UN CAFÉ AU LAIT a coffee with hot milk but not a cappucino as there is no froth


Non alcoholic drinks

  • UN SIROP is a concentrated squash. Can be diluted with: water, eau plate (still water), eau gazeuse, eau pétillante, (fizzy water). Great variety of flavours
  • UN DIABOLO Lemonade mixed with un sirop. When you order a diabolo just add the name of the sirop flavour of your choice (un diabolo fraise, un diabolo menthe...)
  • LIMONADE is a provençal sweet sirop made with secret aromatic plants
  • UN PAC À L’EAU Pac is the brand name for a slightly peppery but sweetish lemon sirop mixed with water
  • UN INDIEN Orangina with sirop de grenadine (pomegranate flavour is very popular in France)


« L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération »