Choose your drink

Choose your drinkIt’s 39° in the shade on a Summer’s afternoon and after visiting the sites you make for the nearest café. The waiter appears but what do you order? Here are a few suggestions to quensh that thirst and set you back on the road to recovery.


"Trois Femmes, Esprit & Matière" by Britta Brand

Trois Femmes Esprit MatiereWe are three women from three different countries who live in the same village near Uzès. Nathalie Dewilde – a Belgian sculptor & painter, Cristelle Berberian – a French sculptor/ceramicist and myself Britta Brand a German Goldsmith. We are organising an exhibition together where each artist displays their favourite medium, metal, clay and stone to create a complimentary fusion.


6 beers, 3 breweries, one hell of an afternoon! by Alec Fullerton. Additional reporting by Jack Green

6 beers 3 breweriesEven after living in the South of France for the best part of a year, there’s one thing I simply refuse to get used to: drinking beer as a demi (half pint). Prior to last year’s French foray, I’d prided myself on never having ordered a half pint. Yet for fear of being branded a philistine, I’m forced to swallow down demi after demi of stomach-lining-sizzling, industrial French lager. Without a doubt, one of my most dearly felt expat pinings has been for a good old pint of room temperature bitter.

Whilst I personally think you’d be hard-pressed to do any better than a simple pint of London Pride, craft beer has recently exploded in popularity across the UK and America. At first glance you might think that this trend somehow managed to mess up its Eurostar booking and hasn’t made it across the Channel, but think again. Even though supermarket shelves might be rammed with endless crates of carbonated urine, dig a bit deeper and you’ll discover a wave of artisanal craft breweries emerging all across France.

So as an ale-deprived expat, I was understandably excited when I found out about a new craft beer shop opening in Nîmes. L’Instant Bières popped up back in February and can be found just behind the Carré d’Art, next to what is probably the best bar in Nîmes, L’Instant T.

One sunny afternoon my friend and I headed on over. We were recommended two beers from each of the three different local breweries they stock and made our way over to the Jardins de la Fontaine for an afternoon of serious drinking and even more serious reviewing. All in the name of journalism, of course.


If I achieved my French lifestyle dream, so can you! by Dennelle Taylor Nizoux

If I achieved my French lifestyle dream so can youWhen my employer in Washington DC moved me to Paris in 2000, I had to pinch myself. It had been my dream to live in France, but it’s not easy for an American to get a work permit. I was also fortunate enough to have a good level in French, but I didn’t know a soul in the city. Loneliness and confusion about how to get on with daily life had not been part of my French dream. After slowly building a social circle, getting married, buying and renovating an apartment, getting a French driver’s license, having children, moving to the Languedoc, and starting a business... hurdle by hurdle I eventually fully integrated into French life!


Mothers in Nîmes by Claire Savarino

mamans a nimes 2Becoming an expat is the beginning of a new adventure, but for many it’s made that little bit more nerve wracking when you are bringing children into the equation. Having hailed from England and Northern Ireland respectively, Claire Savarino and Rachel Pollard decided that the best way to connect with other mothers and assimilate themselves into the French lifestyle was to create a bilingual support network of mothers in their hometown of Nîmes.


A medieval monster: THE TARASQUE by Janice Lert

The tarasqueThere is an early Christian legend about the city of Tarascon which has persisted over the centuries and is still very much alive today. It concerns the Tarasque, a mythical monster that is said to have given its name to the city. The legend goes back to the earliest days of Christianity in Provence, and is connected to other similar legends, in particular that of the "Saints Mary of the Sea".