Could you be a writer? by Liz Richards-Moir

Liz Richards-MoirSince the advent of E. L. James and The Grey Trilogy it seems so easy to become a best selling author? Everyone has at least one book in them!

I began to write first as a teenager, writing poems about the painful experiences of first love. My exercise book was a good friend and a way of exorcising my angst. None of these early works ever saw the light of day, neither did my Diary which followed.

Could you be a writer

Later, as life unfolds and we become bogged down with careers and children it is harder to find the time or energy for writing, which could be seen as a form of soul bearing or even self indulgence. So it was not till I moved to another haven of sunshine Bahrain and then onwards to the Languedoc that I felt the inclination, desire and yes, need to sit at the computer and poor words onto the page.

These days we all lead interesting and varied lives with all the usual highs and lows and it is these times, of deep emotion and often of turmoil, which may lead us to record events on paper, to re-live them, to embellish them and to communicate them to others. Thus the writer is born. In fact writing a novel is very much like giving birth to a precious babe, your first book! It begins as an idea based on a time of deep significance or emotional impact like an encounter with a new lover. It develops and grows in the womb of the mind and transfers to the blank sheet of paper, where it continues to grow and from which it eventually emerges and is born in the form of a book. An amazingly satisfying process!

My first and to date only novel, though other works in different genres have been completed and are ongoing, grew out of a need to gain some karma after a harrowing divorce and then a new, wild life as a singleton at 47. Not quite an E.L. James version more a Brigitte Jones for the modern woman in mid life. The work is short in terms of novels, more a vignette perhaps, something entertaining to read on a flight or train journey. It was written over a ten year period of brief but intense typing when the ideas, events and emotions poured out of me almost without my being aware, like verbal diarrhoea. The experience was truly cathartic, if not necessarily enjoyable.

Today, this work still sits in my hard drive waiting for the right moment to publish and the right format, as now we have the choice of traditional paperback or online e-publishing to choose from. It may be a question of economics as well as moving with modernity, as on- line publishing looks the way to go right now.
So watch this space and you will be one of the first to know!
Off you go and type!