Anglo-American Group of Provence by Catherine Hurst

The AAGP is serving the native English-speaking community of Provence and chartered to promote friendly relations with our host community, provide assistance and information for expatriates and to preserve and promote our anglophone heritage.

Anglo American Group of Provence


Red Hat Ladies by Chris Stow

Red Hat LadiesThe Red Hat Society (RHS) is dedicated to encouragement of a positive life outlook through the sisterhood of a local chapter. Make new friends and enrich lives through the power of fun and friendship! There are now 3 groups spread around the region. One in Uzès, one in Carpentras and one in Roquebrun.


American Woman's Group of Languedoc Roussillon by Mary-Catherine Lombard

From making fund raising fun, local bowling trips to enjoyable apéritifs. We get to know the ladies with heart and soul from AWGLR.

American Woman s Group of Languedoc Roussillon


The life of a cheesemaker extraordinaire by Andrea Ratuski

The life of a cheesemaker extraordinaire 1Claudine Vigier owner of La fromagerie du Comtat shares her love affair with cheese and the magic behind an award-winning artisan.


The red hair lady's castle by Marie-France Falk

The red hair lady s castle 1When I first saw the Suze-la-Rousse castle it was during a school field trip, back in the fifties returning back has unravelled more than we expected.


A flight back to go forward by Loren Cowley

A flight back to go forward 0Travelling back to your roots can teach you many things. Relationship roles are suddenly reversed but more importantly, you realise where you once stood and where you’re actually going.