8 reasons to visit Le Pays d’Uzès by Paulina Chudzik

I remember perfectly the evening in February when I found out that I would be moving again to the South of France to do my internship. I started to dance in my living room and could hardly stop (fortunately no one saw me).

Even though I have never been to Uzès before, I was sure it would soon become one of my favourite places in France. Have you ever been in and around the Languedoc or Provence regions, and come back home disappointed? Exactly.

8 reasons to visit Le Pays d Uzes

It has been only two months since I moved here, but I’ve already had some time to realize why people love this town so much. Here are some of the reasons why and some advice for travelers — from a new local!


The Fashion Newds! by Richard Simpson Birks

The Fashion NewdsFor all you serious fashion lovers I can confirm that the coming trend for the new season is the nude: very revealing of course, and indeed refreshingly cheap! The word for the new look is LOOK! Newds. Yes you saw it here first.






What makes a Red hat Lady? by Chris Stow

I don’t want people to look at me and say: "What a sweet old lady."
I want them to say: "Whatever is she up to now?"

What makes a Red hat LadyIn the early eighties I knew a remarkable lady named Jessie. A Channel Islander, having lived through two world wars and German occupation, Jessie lived on the UK mainland when we met. Approaching her eightieth birthday her family asked her to choose something special to celebrate. Jessie immediately replied, "Flying lessons." "Absolutely not! Too dangerous." Jessie responded, "Alright, I’ll go parachuting."


Taken the plunge... what happens then? Finding work in France by Victoria Orange-Sibra

Finding work in France

Who hasn’t enjoyed a lovely holiday with beautiful countryside, welcoming locals, fantastic food and wine all accompanied by a good dose of sunshine and not wanted to go back home? After visiting the Languedoc region, some people are tempted to take the plunge and move here. Although a part of those who decide to work here may be retired or not working for various reasons such as looking after small children, many of those who move here need to get a job. So how do people find work here? What kind of work is available and how easy is it to make a living here?


Moving to Béziers - The first few steps by Holly Howard

Moving to Beziers The first few steps 1My husband Alastair and I now live in Béziers. I like the way that sounds! We have made a den for ourselves, between — I would say mountains, but I wished they looked that formulated, so let’s just say — a lot of boxes and a camping stove in the shell of our beautiful, old, ‘new’ apartment and already our London life feels a long way away.


Expat kids off to University by Metrice Weedman

In the blink of an eye, our little ones are no longer ours to protect. Our role as parents changes and, if lucky (really lucky), the relationship with our children evolves into something even better. Perhaps the new adults in our lives will turn to us for guidance from time to time or even learn from the stories we tell of our own mishaps. Many of our children are considered third culture kids; meaning their experiences and understanding of the world around them may be uniquely different from our own. Some of us have memories of American style graduations or other culture specific rites of passage we’re reminded of when thinking of our cultures of origin. Our children, in however way they choose to culturally define themselves, potentially have access to multiple worlds on top of all of what France has to offer.