What’s the best way to sell my French property?

I’m asked this question on a daily basis and often the answer is fairly simple. The most delicate question first: have you got the price right? It’s no secret that French real estate is currently a buyer’s market – it’s a straight supply and demand equation: more properties for sale than clients looking to buy.

the best way to sell my French property

Curiously in France though, property often comes onto the market at the owner’s valuation. While it’s perfectly reasonable to expect an owner to want the best price possible, there’s often reluctance to accept that the downturn has had an impact – all too often I hear vendors give a rationale for their asking price along the lines of "but it’s a great location" or "that’s what I spent restoring it".

I’m not suggesting you give your house away – but I am advising listening to your agent with regards to your home’s true market value and discussing together the best way forward. In my experience a good agent will always try their best to get you the highest price possible. The number of new sales we at Leggett Immobilier are transacting at close to asking price, when a house has been priced for today’s market, proves this.

But as I said earlier, buyers are a rarer breed today and it’s important that you choose an agent who works hard for you in today’s new business climate: someone who understand the latest online business tools and is doing more than sitting in a high street office hoping a purchaser comes through the door. So be prepared to quiz your agent on what they’re doing to attract buyers:

Are they bilingual, and proactively marketing to international buyers?
Are they working tirelessly to reference their web listings, using search engine optimization and other online marketing tools?
Do they work with international property portals and are they actively marketing abroad, at international property fairs and advertising in consumer magazines?

A final positive word - client enquiries are up, sales are up and property is moving again – but if your French home has been on the market for over a year without an offer – or even a visit (there are lots, believe me) – it may be time to review your price – and your agent!

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